Worth Seeing in Pelplin

churchChurch under invocation of Body of God

Church under invocation of Body of God in Pelplin. The temple was built in the first half of XIV century. The Church has become parish in sec ond half of XVII century for country precipitates developing around mon as tery.


Place where the Pope John Poul II celebrated a Holy Mass on the 6th of June 1999. From this time this Hill is constantly visited by tourists.

basilicaThe Basilica

This is the main historic monument of Pelplin from the break of the 13th and the 14th century, regarded to the most beautiful Gothic works of art in Poland. It hides the marvellous main altar, inside supreme in this part of Eu rope, Baroque side altars as well as the Medieval set of oak sculp tures.

In the main altar of Basilica there is a Reliquary. Reliquary containing relics with inscriptions of saint Paweł, Maurycy, Jerzy, Barbara, Błażej, 40 martyrs, 11 thousand woman’s companion of saint Ursula. Skulls are in ornate cover made by Jan Flemming Citers from Gdańsk – Oliwa (XVII). Presently reliquary is opened only once a year during All Saints Day (1 november).

Reservation: +48 (058) 536-19-49; +48 (058) 536-16-64
Tickets: adults – 4 zł; concessions – 2 zł

museumDioceses Museum

Dioceses Museum in Pelplin, has one of the largest collections of Medieval sculp tu re (statues of Virgin Mary, Toruń Polyptych).

There is the only copy of the Guttenberg’s Bible in the country as well as the collection of liturgical garments, vessels and reliquaries.

Reservation: +48 (058) 536-19-49; +48 (058) 536-12-21
Tickets: adults – 6 zł; concessions – 3 zł


Cistercian Fair in Pelplin proceeds in third weekend of September. Great cultural heritage of Cistercians, unique atmosphere and medieval tradition causes that this Fair is one of the most interesting touristic attractions of Pomerania.

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